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Planning what a website, newsletter or email campaign will consist of and how to get  best results is an important first step. However far your ideas are developed, I can help you make a plan to:

  • Appear high-up in search results
  • Communicate your core business offer
  • Generate relevant enquiries

Search marketing was my speciality when working for bigger clients and I use keyword research and competitor analysis to define relevant content and help you design a winning site.

It also helps to discuss your business idea. I can help you think through how customers will find you, what you will offer and how they'll engage with you.

Design focuses on both the visual aspects and technical aspects of a website, newsletter or email campaign. The most important factors in website ranking within search engine results and user engagement are:

  • Website speed
  • Relevant content
  • Ease of use

Page naming, titles and meta descriptions are all factors to consider. Then comes the part most people associate with design. The key messages, photography, colours and layout all play a big part in creating credibility.

I can help you create a professional-looking website, newsletter, or email campaign design, buidling on your existing brand or by helping to create a new one.

There are a large range of development platforms and hosting solutions which offer a combination speed, ease of management and cost. I can advise on alternative routes and costs before proceeding (or as part of planning).

WordPress is my favoured platform for company and ecommerce websites, now used by over 30% of all website worldwide. It helps speed development (lower cost of development and maintenance), is flexible, with a large number of high-quality and specialised plugin available, and most importantly, is open-source, meaning you are not tied to one developer (me) - there are thousands of developers worldwide.

I can handle all aspects including arranging domain name registration, website hosting, email set-up and ecommerce database optimisation.

Google and others rely not just on words, but also images, videos and social content to judge what is relevant to user's searches.

I can help you write relevant, engaging and effective landing page content, where users are encouraged to respond and which Google can find.

Besides writing SEO optimised pages for websites, I can also help with email marketing, to drive users to your site.

Email newsletters, and email generated by actions on your website, help to remind users of your products and services to generate further interest.

There are many excellent email and marketing platforms available. I work with MailChimp, Mailjet, Mailgun, and Hubspot to create both scheduled and automated email campaigns. I can create copy, edit pictures and optimise landling pages.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) consists of both:

  • Paid search advertising (PPC - Pay Per Click) using Google Adwords and Bing Ads
  • Organic search marketing optimisation (SEO) using both on-site and offsite work

Paid search advertising is usually necessary when a site is new and does not have much content. This places your website at the top/near the top of Internet user searches. It is also useful when you already know which words are most valuable.

What are relevant paid search users? These are searches that result in either an enquiry or in the capture of information about an individual user or group of users, which enables you to make your website more and more effective.

I can help you set-up and optimise your ad copy and also landing pages. This results in creating a higher quality score and so make advertising more cost effective. You can then manage things yourself going forward, if you prefer.

Organic search marketing optimisation is important to ensure that your website pages appear in front of the most relevant and valuable customers.

Your website site planning and design should have considered this, so this stage is about fine-tuning page content (words, image alt-tags and descriptions and link text) to get more visitors to pages.

In addition to working on the website page content, we can also help to build offsite links to your website from social media platforms and trusted high traffic sites (Those with a good Domain Authority).

Success in organic search marketing requires set-up of Google Search Console and Google Analytics, plus use of specialist Search Marketing Tools (SEMRush or Ubersuggest) to track progress. Organic search does not produce quick results, but is very valuable long-term.

Managing a website or digital marketing project, often requires finding and organising a large number of resources from within your organisation as working with external specialists.

Acting as a project manager, I can help plan the approach and scheduling of resources as required. All plans are agreed and budgetted with you before progressing.

Content management means keeping your website up-to-date each month for users and Google. I can use your content management system, or can teach you how to use this. I work mainly with WordPress, but also work with Drupal, SquareSpace and Shopify.

I also work as a freelance digital manager on projects from time to time. Please get in touch if you have such a project.

Keywords: Search marketing, digital marketing, communications planner, content creator, writer, content management and  digital director. You can also find me on LinkedIn.