Medical professional website

Medical professional website

Consultant dermatolgist Dr Verity Blackwell wanted to direct potential patients to her private practice as well as encourage early enquiry about concerning skin conditions. A simple website outlining her areas of expertise and how to access appointments provided a good first impression.

Features; Joomla CMS; photography selection for sensitive areas.

Acupunturist website

Therapist website

Sabine Schnelle wanted a simple site that captured the holistic nature of her therapy approach. Being a doctor of traditional chinese medicine a header illustration that included bamboo and was converted to duo-tone with a vibrant and fresh green provided simplicity and energy.

I have created 20 or so therapist websites in the last 10 years, all of which work very well on search engines and produce enquiries.

I have built several practicioner websites over the years. The most important aspect is capturing the style of practice for each practitioner:

Features; Design; SEO;