Development of eCommerce Website

SEO for ecommerce site

Venetia’s Yarn Shop in Norfolk had a WordPress hosting and website template package, but were struggling to get the online presentation to match the shop’s high standard. Newsletters were also not well formatted.

I quickly reapplied a WordPress template and developed a new header and menu to make the site easier to navigate, then re-formatted the layout of key pages. All of this was done with minimal cost and time.

The next steps are to optimise the Shop section using SEO analysis, and then to change the template to improve eCommerce sales nationally, building on the strong local reputation.

Venetia’s Yarn Shop: eCommerce website for knitting and yarn shop

Holiday cottages website

Holiday cottages website design and marketing

Paul and Angela had recently acquired a holiday cottages business in Herefordshire and needed to update their website.

The website was well designed visually, but was very slow, making the user experience (UX) difficult and damaging bookings. They also wanted it to emphasise ‘dog-friendly’.

They needed someone they could trust to update it, whilst they learned to manage the site and booking system themselves. Having seen the work completed for another property rentlal site, HappenOak treehouse, they asked me to speed up the site and help them learn how to manage it.

I moved the site to new hosting, removed unnecessary WordPress plugins that were slowing the site down and renamed key landing pages to improve search performance.

After initial reorganisation and upgrade of the site, I support the owners as they manage all day-to-day operations themselves.

White House Cottages: Holiday cottage in Herefordshire

Marketing services website

Marketing services website

CustomServe wanted to promote their wider business to emphasise the value of their expertise rather than just provide an international feedback service to professional organisations.

Rebranding the company as Acuigen, a word based on acuity, meaning keenness of sight allowed them to promote additional services across multiple markets. It repositioned the company as being linked to the generation of business value, not research.

Featured: Brand redesign; website planning; sales materials;

House share website

house share website

Co-founders Nick and Eva wanted to offer the over 40s better access to house share opportunities. Leading house share sites were dominated by young professionals and millenials who were not interested in older housemates, making it difficult to find a place. Live-in landlords and lead tenants can advertise a room where prospective housemates can search. People looking for a place can search by location, sharing preferenes and keyword.

Features: User management; Ecommerce; ; Advanced search; Advertising – GoogleAds and FB Ads; Search marketing; Content management;

House share and flatshare website –

Tree House Holiday website

Property rental website

Bruce, a master builder by trade, had built a luxury tree house for personal use, which he then started to rent out during lockdown under the name Happenoak. He wanted to establish his own website rather than rely solely on property marketing platforms which controlled visibility and took a large fee. The site would show off the luxury treehouse features and allow users to check availability and book online.

Features: Design; Booking system; Online payments; Integrated newsletter; Online gift vouchers;

Tree house holiday website

Business website

Picture framing website

Samuel Hirst-Stiling runs a prestigious and busy picture framing business in Primrose Hill, London. He took over the now 20 year-old business from his father a few years ago, having learned the trade for several years before. With a clientele who appreciate quality and design, the challenge was to create a stylish site that also captured the heritage of the business.

Best picture framer in London:

Features: Parallax picture treatments to give energy; drop-down menus to allow easy access to wide-ranging content;

Charity ecommerce website

Charity ecommerce website

Sian Chadwick established a small home baking business with her son James during 2020. James has learning difficulties but found a talent for baking, so he an his mum have created a business where other young adults with a learning disability can experience working in the kitchen of the bakery.

Volunteers can find out how to assist and local people can order products or book a local pick-up using the WooCommerce shop which includes use of a Local Pick-up extension. See their tasty bakes and the chefs at work here:

Features: Ecommerce shop; Location pick-up details per product; Chefs at work gallery; Integrated newsletters;

Professional services website

Professional services website

Andrew James was an experienced commercial lawyer who had setup as an independent. He wanted credibility and some dynamism to emphasise his knowledge and responsiveness compared to larger practices where less experienced legal staff handle most case details.

Services: Consultancy, design, website development

Features: Integrated newsletter subsciption; SEO optimisation.

Acupunturist website

Therapist website

Sabine Schnelle wanted a simple site that captured the holistic nature of her therapy approach. Being a doctor of traditional chinese medicine a header illustration that included bamboo and was converted to duo-tone with a vibrant and fresh green provided simplicity and energy.

I have created 20 or so therapist websites in the last 10 years, all of which work very well on search engines and produce enquiries.

I have built several practicioner websites over the years. The most important aspect is capturing the style of practice for each practitioner:

Features; Design; SEO;