Marketing services website

Marketing services website

CustomServe wanted to promote their wider business to emphasise the value of their expertise rather than just provide an international feedback service to professional organisations.

Rebranding the company as Acuigen, a word based on acuity, meaning keenness of sight allowed them to promote additional services across multiple markets. It repositioned the company as being linked to the generation of business value, not research.

Featured: Brand redesign; website planning; sales materials;

Marketing and advertising management

Content management

Digital marketing management for Switzerland Travel, working for London and Zurich offices. Designed travel related page layouts, created optimised content and wrote content, as well as developed partner and own brand newsletters and promotions. GoogleAds management.

Features: Drupal CMS; Hubspot marketing; GoogleAds; FB Ads; Google DataStudio; Google Analytics;

Switzerland Travel Website –

Online catalogue website

Online catalogue website

Hall Stage were leading provider of equipment for stage and theatre, with many customers and a world-wide reputation. Creating their first website required creation of a database of all product categories and items, and making this easily navigable for users. Users could search online and a rich detail enquiry could be sent to the sales team ready for action.

Features: Custom database; data cleaning; web development; Joomla CMS;

Property rental website

Property rental website

Bruce, a master builder by trade, had built a treehouse for personal use, which he then started to rent out during lockdown under the name Happenoak. He wanted to establish his own website rather than rely solely on property marketing platforms which controlled visibility and took a large fee. The site would show off the luxury treehouse features and allow users to check availability and book online.

Features: Design; Booking system; Online payments; Integrated newsletter; Online gift vouchers;

Tree house booking website –

Business website

Picture framing website

Samuel Hirst-Stiling runs a prestigious and busy picture framing business in Primrose Hill, London. He took over the now 20 year-old business from his father a few years ago, having learned the trade for several years before. With a clientele who appreciate quality and design, the challenge was to create a stylish site that also captured the heritage of the business.

Best picture framer in London:

Features: Parallax picture treatments to give energy; drop-down menus to allow easy access to wide-ranging content;

Professional services website

Professional services website

Andrew James was an experienced commercial lawyer who had setup as an independent. He wanted credibility and some dynamism to emphasise his knowledge and responsiveness compared to larger practices where less experienced legal staff handle most case details.

Services: Consultancy, design, website development

Features: Integrated newsletter subsciption; SEO optimisation.

Bedü communications

Bedu communications recommendations

Property developer Bedü (named after a nomadic people, whose self-reliance and territorial approach to land ownership reflected the company values) delivered innovative low-cost accomodation and wanted to give users of their hostels a ‘sense of being’, where the occupier enjoys enhanced autonomy and a sense of dignity.

The problem was that planners, influenced by local residents, were slow to approve plans for new properties or expansion of existing sites.

I worked with the Development Director and CEO to explore how attitudes could be changed and planning advanced using communications in the broadest sense.

Features: A media ‘eco-system’ of integrated media, all based around key messages.