House share website

house share website

Co-founders Nick and Eva wanted to offer the over 40s better access to house share opportunities. Leading house share sites were dominated by young professionals and millenials who were not interested in older housemates, making it difficult to find a place. Live-in landlords and lead tenants can advertise a room where prospective housemates can search. People looking for a place can search by location, sharing preferenes and keyword.

Features: User management; Ecommerce; ; Advanced search; Advertising – GoogleAds and FB Ads; Search marketing; Content management;

House share and flatshare website –

Charity ecommerce website

Charity ecommerce website

Sian Chadwick established a small home baking business with her son James during 2020. James has learning difficulties but found a talent for baking, so he an his mum have created a business where other young adults with a learning disability can experience working in the kitchen of the bakery.

Volunteers can find out how to assist and local people can order products or book a local pick-up using the WooCommerce shop which includes use of a Local Pick-up extension. See their tasty bakes and the chefs at work here:

Features: Ecommerce shop; Location pick-up details per product; Chefs at work gallery; Integrated newsletters;

Bedü communications

Bedu communications recommendations

Property developer Bedü (named after a nomadic people, whose self-reliance and territorial approach to land ownership reflected the company values) delivered innovative low-cost accomodation and wanted to give users of their hostels a ‘sense of being’, where the occupier enjoys enhanced autonomy and a sense of dignity.

The problem was that planners, influenced by local residents, were slow to approve plans for new properties or expansion of existing sites.

I worked with the Development Director and CEO to explore how attitudes could be changed and planning advanced using communications in the broadest sense.

Features: A media ‘eco-system’ of integrated media, all based around key messages.