Holiday cottages website

Holiday cottages website design and marketing

Paul and Angela had recently acquired a holiday cottages business in Herefordshire and needed to update their website.

The website was well designed visually, but was very slow making the user experience (UX) difficult and damaging bookings. They also wanted it to emphasise ‘dog-friendly’.

They needed someone they could trust, whilst they learned to manage the site and booking system themselves. Having seen the work completed for another propoerty rentla site, HappenOak treehouse, they asked me to speed up the site and help them learn how to manage it.

I moved the site to new hosting, removed unnecessary WordPress plugins that were slowing the site down and renamed key landing pages to improve search performance.

After initial reorganisation and upgrade of the site, I support the owners as they manage all day-to-day operations themselves.

Holiday cottage in Herefordshire



Good photgraphs bring atmosphere and style to websites and online advertising. You can use the photos you have but sometimes additional photography is required to communicate a certain message or to complete a series of product shots.

I can advise you on how to take photos or can take some for you. Often this just requires a good mobile phone these days, but some guidance on format, camera position, lighting and depth of field can help.

Food photography is a personal favourite.


Google Analytics setup to track user behaviour onsite

Optimising advertising investment requires inclusion of tracking ‘tags’ within pages and associated with actions on a website.

With these in place we can see what sorts of users do what sorts of things and how cost-effective different media are in creating valuable visitors. Onsite sales can also be tracked.

I can set up Google Analytics, create goals for your GoogleAds and perform checks on advertising efficiency each month. In this way Return on Investment is optimised (ROI).

Google Adwords
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Nick Henley - Food writer and chef based in London

Copy writer

As a planner working in advertising and digital agencies, it was a short step to ‘suggest’ headlines and copy that would simply and effectively communicate key messages. With a clear objective and a good understanding of SEO, I write for the user and for Google search. Use of pictures, graphics and editorial structure are also important for both.

I can help you define key messages, brief writers and content creators, or write copy myself. I can also help you structure yor website for SEO success.

Food writer

My interest in food goes back to the 1990’s when the UK High Street was becoming increasingly bland. So I created one of the first online food magazines and directories called About Food. I have written about food for 20 years and have been lucky enough to experience and write about many restuarants, hotels, ships and producers. I also worked as a chef for 3 years, so appreciate what goes into producing a great dining experience.

If you would like me to write a review or editorial content please get in touch.

Brand design

Brand design and logos 2

Brand colours and logos are just one aspect of ‘designing’ a brand. I will help you think about all aspects of your business or organisation, which can then be captured in a range of brand ‘behaviours’ and the image you project to the world.

Marketing services website

Marketing services website

CustomServe wanted to promote their wider business to emphasise the value of their expertise rather than just provide an international feedback service to professional organisations.

Rebranding the company as Acuigen, a word based on acuity, meaning keenness of sight allowed them to promote additional services across multiple markets. It repositioned the company as being linked to the generation of business value, not research.

Featured: Brand redesign; website planning; sales materials;

Marketing and advertising management

Content management

Digital marketing management for Switzerland Travel, working for London and Zurich offices. Designed travel related page layouts, created optimised content and wrote content, as well as developed partner and own brand newsletters and promotions. GoogleAds management.

Features: Drupal CMS; Hubspot marketing; GoogleAds; FB Ads; Google DataStudio; Google Analytics;

Switzerland Travel Website –

Medical professional website

Medical professional website

Consultant dermatolgist Dr Verity Blackwell wanted to direct potential patients to her private practice as well as encourage early enquiry about concerning skin conditions. A simple website outlining her areas of expertise and how to access appointments provided a good first impression.

Features; Joomla CMS; photography selection for sensitive areas.

Online catalogue website

Online catalogue website

Hall Stage were leading provider of equipment for stage and theatre, with many customers and a world-wide reputation. Creating their first website required creation of a database of all product categories and items, and making this easily navigable for users. Users could search online and a rich detail enquiry could be sent to the sales team ready for action.

Features: Custom database; data cleaning; web development; Joomla CMS;

House share website

House share website

Co-founders Nick and Eva wanted to offer the over 40s better access to house share opportunities. Leading house share sites were dominated by young professionals and millenials who were not interested in older housemates, making it difficult to find a place. Live-in landlords and lead tenants can advertise a room where prospective housemates can search. People looking for a place can search by location, sharing preferenes and keyword.

Features: User management; Ecommerce; ; Advanced search; Advertising – GoogleAds and FB Ads; Search marketing; Content management;

House share and flatshare website –